Bali Villas R Us is the trading name for the company registered as name PT Bali Cipta Vila Mandiri. All villas listed on Bali Villas R Us website are offered for short term holiday rental from their Owner or their legal representative (the “Owner”) to the renter (the “Client”) under the following Terms and Conditions. Please note that some villas will also have THEIR OWN Specific Rental Conditions, available on the page of each villa on Bali Villas R Us. In some instances, Bali Villas R Us acts as an agent for the Owner and will provid`e an online platform which Owners can advertise their villas. The agreement between Bali Villas R Us and the Client is only valid once either a deposit or full payment is received from the client either by credit card, Paypal or by bank transfer and the booking has been confirmed by Bali Villas R Us to the Client.

When the Client makes a booking through Bali Villas R Us either online, by phone or by email and/or ticks the “I agree” box next to the “Terms and Conditions” on the Bali Villas Rus booking form, the Client accepts all these Terms and Conditions and confirms that they authorized to do so on behalf of all other guests named on the booking form and/or all guests that would be occupying the villa during any time of the rental period. This forms a contract between Bali Villas R Us and the Client and in turn a contract between the Client and the Owner.

All prices quoted on Bali Villas R Us are in Indonesian Rupiah, AUD or USD unless stated otherwise based on our currency converter available on our site.

All prices and inclusions as stated on the Booking Confirmation Voucher. The Client is advised to check the inclusions carefully as not all villas offer the same inclusions and each villa may offer various different rates with different inclusions.

The prices are subject to change daily due to either the fluctuation in the exchange rate, changes in holiday seasons, changes in demand or other reasons out of our control. Bali Villas R Us can only protect your agreed price rate and is not responsible if the Client misses out on a low rate that was previously advertised.

Our price shows on our website are the base price (Low Season Rate) excluding Tax and Service Charge. Some villas may including the tax and service charge, or collect it upon arrival or add it into your invoice payment. The Tax and service charge variate depend on the villa’s policy and the percentage start from 10% until 21%. Special for Villa which has instant booking option, the price shows is FINAL price including the Tax & Service Charge and their standard inclusion. Please Check the booking Confirmation.

The Company has direct contracts with the Owners and as such can guarantee the best price at the time of the booking. The Company cannot provide this Guarantee once the booking has been confirmed as there will be occasions when the Owner may reduce the price for last minute deals or simply to boost up occupancy to match current season and demand.

The conditions of The Company Best Price Guarantee are as listed here:

The lower price is available to book online with another website and is still available when The Company checks.

The lower price is the same villa with same conditions, exact same villa, same room type, same number of guests, same check-in and check-out dates, is inclusive of all local taxes and service charges in Bali, same cancellation policy, same inclusions as offered by The Company with its rate – example breakfast, airport transfers, massages, chauffeur driver car.

The Company will be unable to offer its Best Price Guarantee if:

The Client finds a cheaper price on another online website that runs an exclusive special promotion such as last minute deals, Flash deals, special discount promotion after the Client has already booked with The Company. If the lower rate is on a “Group Buying site”, such as Groupon, Scoopon, Deals.com, etc. The rates are part of a package deal combined with airfares and/or other land transport. Or if the Clients receives a better rate through or in combination with Membership rates, Corporate Discount rates, Frequent stay rewards, Loyalty points redemption, Other ‘reward’ type programs or special promotions of the villa and any organization with rates intended for a specific group of individuals and are not meant for the general public.

There are rare cases where an advertised service for the villa, for example, the availability of a sauna within the villa complex, or complimentary use of bicycles, or free shuttle service, etc may be withdrawn or is no longer available. The Company will endeavour to do its best to advise the Client as soon as possible if there are any changes to the villa from the description on The Company since the booking was confirmed.

Although unlikely, however in the event that the booked villa has suddenly become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances such as excessive rain and flooding, plumbing or electricity problems, then The Company reserves the right to substitute different accommodation to that booked by the Client of a similar or equivalent standard.

The Client has either the option of accepting the alternative accommodation offered by The Company (for the avoidance of doubt where the alternative accommodation has a lower price than the amount that the Client has paid then The Company will refund the difference and where the alternative is a higher price than that the Client has paid then The Company reserves the right to charge the Client the difference between that amount and the increased price) or the Client has the option of cancelling their rental and the The Company will refund the full amount paid.

The maximum number of guests in the villa cannot exceed the number of guests that are stated on the Booking Confirmation Voucher and that the Client has paid for. The Owner reserves the right to refuse service to any guests that exceed the number of guests on the Booking Voucher unless an arrangement is reached between the Owner and the Client for additional charges.

The Accommodation is provided for the sole purpose of holiday rental and any commercial use of the Villa is strictly forbidden. The Client certifies that they are renting the Villa for the purpose of holiday rental only and will not run any business from these premises during their stay The Client agrees not to engage in any illegal, illicit, immoral or business-related activity while occupying the Villa.

The Client agrees to be a considerate tenant and to take good care of the Villa and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period. The Client agrees to lock the villa’s windows and doors securely at all times when not on the premises, and must exercise care in securing all personal property. It is forbidden to fix objects to the walls and to displace furniture and appliances. For reasons of hygiene, pets are not permitted in the Villa unless authorised in writing by the Owner or The Company.

The Client must respect the rules and regulations applicable to the Villa in which his accommodation is situated: he must not be the source of excessive noise or other disruption, which might disturb neighbours, and they must respect regulations concerning the use of the communal areas of any complex building. In the event of excessive noise/music, the company reserves the right o remove any music systems from the villa or evict the tenants if required. By prior appointment (or immediately in case of emergency), the Owner reserves the right to enter the premises at any time to ensure essential maintenance and security.

Neither the Owner nor The Company shall be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with your scheduled occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, fire, strikes, terrorism, war, inclement weather, flooding, traffic, animals or neighbors.

Bali is going through a tremendous development right now and there are many new construction sites all over Bali. While The Company makes every effort to update any nearby construction sites on its villa description pages, there will be instances where The Company has missed a particular construction or the construction may have commenced after the Client booked the villa.

The Company will do its best to inform the Client as soon as The Company is made aware of the construction and will offer to find a suitable alternative villa for the Client if that is what they request.

The Company and the Owner assume no liability for property loss or damages, nor liability for injury, accidents, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of a defect in any vehicle or the acts of any company or persons engaged in conveying passengers to or from their villa. Transportation is supplied by providers who operate independently of The Company.

The Company and the Owner shall not be liable to the Client for any injury, loss of limb or life of the Client, any member of the Client’s party, or any visitors of the Client to the Villa during the rental period. It is a specific condition of these Terms and Conditions that the Client confirms that he and all members of his party have sufficient medical insurance cover, personal injury and personal liability insurance for the duration of their stay at the Villa. The Client acknowledges that the use of some facilities, including but not limited to the swimming pool, terraces and stairs, and of furnishings and appliances, particularly those in the kitchen and bathroom, may prove dangerous. The Client and those accompanying the villa are fully responsible for taking all necessary precautions before using any facility, appliance or equipment they are not familiar with. The Company and the Owner and his representative accept no responsibility to Client for any injury of whatever sort as a result of using of such facilities. It is the Client’s responsibility to take all necessary precautions to avoid any accident involving himself or members of his party.

Sometimes electricity blackout happened from PLN (Indonesian Electricity Company) without notice. Some villas may have a backup generator to supply the electricity but a Mostly private villa rental in Bali hasn’t provided it. The Villa and The Company will not responsible for those situations and uncontrollable situations. However, we will try our best to assist and help as best as we can.

The Company is committed to offering you the best holiday accommodation available. However, should the Client have a cause for complaint whilst at the villa, then the Client should contact The Company immediately by phone or email. Most complaints can be resolved by the Owner or the villa staff except where the circumstance is beyond their control.

Please note that there is very little that can be done if the Client does not contact The Company whilst he is at the villa and only raises his complaint to The Company once he has returned home. In such circumstances, The Company shall not be liable for any compensation or refund.

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